Frequently referenced covenants, restrictions

Mount Royall and Harrington Place HOA
Frequently Referenced Covenants and Restrictions

Section 5.2, Responsibility of Owners.  Pressure washing exterior of home, fence/gate repairs, and exterior home repairs. Each owner shall be responsible for maintaining a neat and clean condition on all exterior surfaces of all buildings and other structures.

Section 7.1 and 7.2, Architectural Control Committee.  Approval of all improvements on any lot. Examples include sunrooms, fences, gazebos, change of paint color, play-sets, major landscape projects, and satellite dish placement.

 Section 7.18, Garbage Disposal.  Conceal garbage and recycle receptacles as not to be visible from the street or Common areas except on garbage pickup days. Do not place loose landscape debris on the street or Common areas except on garbage pickup days.

Section 7.19, Sign Controls.  Indicates only “For Sale” signs are allowed.

Section 7.22, Certain Vehicles Prohibited on Lots, Streets and Common Areas.  No parking on grass. Trailers, boats, campers, or mobile homes shall be stored in an area not visible from the street or common area.

Section 7.23, Disabled Vehicle.  No stripped, partially wrecked, unlicensed or invalidly licensed, disabled or junk motor, or part thereof, shall be permitted to be parked or kept in the Subdivision.

Section 7.25, Pets.  All animals must not become a nuisance to other residents by barking or other acts.

Section 7.28, Prohibition of Open Outdoor Storage.  Conceal all open storage items so that they are not visible from the street or common areas.

Section 7.30, Nuisances.  No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon or in any Lot, nor shall anything be done thereon tending to cause embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance or a nuisance to the neighborhood including Common Areas, other home sites, easement areas or residences.  No trash, leaves or rubbish may be burned on any Lot or within the subdivision nor shall there be maintained any plants, poultry animals (other than household pets) or device or thing of any sort, the normal activities or existence of which is in any way noxious, dangerous, unsightly, unpleasant or of a nature as may diminish or destroy the enjoyment of other property in the neighborhood by the Owner thereof.

Section 7.44, Mailboxes.  Must be of uniform construction and appearance.

Section 7.46, Lawn Care and Other Maintenance Required by Owner.   Mow the lawn/weeds, including weed eating curbs and the strip section along the sidewalk.