Pool etiquette

To: Mt. Royall and Harrington Place Owners
From: Lynn M. Veatch, Ronald W. Byrd, Roger Puza, Richard Bunch, John L. Jones – Mt. Royall & Harrington Place Board; Courtenay N. Brack, Property Manager – Charleston Green Commercial
Re: Mt. Royall & Harrington Place Pool
Date: June 30, 2011
We hope you have been enjoying your summer thus far.

Since the summer began, we have received a number of calls and inquiries regarding incidents and problems at our pool.  In order to make the pool enjoyable for all residents, your HOA Board and property management company met and discussed various pool issues that have been brought to our attention and are responding by the way of this correspondence.

Issue 1 – Trash and refuse left at pool

The pool belongs to the residents of Mt. Royall and Harrington Place. We all have a responsibility in picking up after ourselves and ask that you take any large trash with you as you leave.

Issue 2 – Number of people at pool

The number allowed in pool area per DHEC is 45. The reasons for this limit are for safety and to maintain the pool chemical balance required by DHEC. If we do not follow the # limit, our options are closing the pool for a cleaning day or hiring a pool attendant which would be paid for out of your HOA dues.

Please limit the # of people in your party. Do not let others into the pool area and do not give your access pass to anyone.

Issue 3 – Conduct, profanity at pool

We are all responsible for maintaining a certain code of conduct and following DHEC and community pool rules. Every resident is to keep in mind that they are responsible for the behavior of their guests.

Again, the pool belongs to the residents of Mt. Royall and Harrington Place. We are asking
for community help in addressing happenings as they occur. Address them directly with neighbors as they happen, call property management (843-670-1333) or if a behavior is illegal or abusive, call the Charleston Police non-emergency # (843-577-7434).

Issue 4 – Unattended Children under age of 16

There is NO Lifeguard on Duty and therefore, for the safety of our children, we ask all parents to accompany ALL children under the age of 16.

Issue 4 – Glassware at pool

Under NO Circumstance is glassware allowed in pool area. Broken glassware can lead to a pool closure by DHEC and drainage of the pool.  Any glassware may be stored in a cooler in your vehicle and poured in a plastic/paper cup to take back
into the pool area.

Issue 5 – After-Hours Pool Activity

The pool closes at 9PM. If a resident or Board member notes activity in the pool area after 9PM, our policy is to call the Police non emergency # (843-577-7434) to report “trespassing.”
Issue 6 – Pets in the pool or Pool area

No animals or pets are allowed in the Pool area.

Future Pool Strategies

In addition to the above referenced, your HOA Board is looking into the future and researching other items to help with pool security including lighting ideas, pricing a taller pool area fence and a key fob access system. If approved, these items will more than likely be implemented for next year’s pool season.

We welcome your ideas and encourage some of you to start a Pool Committee in order to help monitor the pool activities, cleanliness and to bring ideas to the table. Please let us know if any of you are interested in forming a Pool Committee.

Thank you for attention to this notice, and we hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July Holiday.