Landscaping rules


Tips to help keep fertilizer out of the ponds – reducing the algae growth:

1. Use phosphorus free lawn fertilizers (look for a “0” in the middle number on the label). Our soils are already high in phosphorus so excess runs into the ponds and fertilizes the algae. Excess phosphorus can also be detrimental to centipede grass.

2. Granular fertilizers require a “light watering” not a heavy downpour of rain. Do not apply if heavy rain is forecast or your fertilizer (and your money) will wash into the ponds.

3. Look at Clemson extension’s website for more information on lawn care

Landscaping and Common Areas

You will also see that we have installed picnic tables and a bicycle rack outside of the pool area for use by community residents who wish to bike to the area. As always, ideas are welcome.